Gassan Pole Pole Farm is in the Nishikawa-Town.
From Tokyo, you should take a Bullet Train"Yamagata Shinkansen Tubas Super Express" to Yamagata
.It is very fast and comfortable. If your trip is not only to Yamagata, JR EAST PASS can be saved your money.

After arriving at Yamagata Station, you should take a Express Bus to Tsuruoka/Sakata(鶴岡/酒田) and get off the bus in Nishikawa Bus Stop (西川).
Yamagata Station Bus Terminal is here.

Our lodge have free transportation service from Nishikawa Bus Stop so please let us know arrival time at Nishikawa Bus Stop before you take a Bus.
Call Number is 0237-75-2240 or 090-4047-2804.




Gassan PolePole Farm
Yamagata Station